Baby Margot | Concord MA Newborn Photographer

We photographed baby Margot at the Curran residence in Concord, MA this past July. It was a beautiful, warm summer day and Margot's older sisters, Polly and Dot, were happy to share the spotlight with their little sister. We took some photos in the girl's bedroom and then headed out into the backyard. Polly and Dot ran around, picked blackberries, and baby Margot slept peacefully in her mom and dad's arms.

My favorite part of the portrait session was when Polly, who is all of three years old, was handling her baby sister for the group photo like a total pro, even lifting her up at one point from under her arms to hand her back off to mom. Just struck me (and her mom!) off guard how comfortable she was with the whole newborn thing. After all, this is her second baby sister in the last two years!  :)

Thanks, Currans, for having us into your home -- we loved taking photos of "the girls"!