Our Mission
We are committed to providing the most comprehensive service and highest quality product to our clients. We believe that it is an honor to be chosen as your photographers and we fully appreciate how important the event is for you and your family. We aim to learn your individual aesthetic preferences and will work tirelessly to capture your wedding or event in a way that exceeds your expectations. Our standards are high; our ultimate goal is to deliver a beautiful final product that we, ourselves, would be pleased to receive, and we take on each new challenge with this in mind.

One of our dear friends once said, “Having a wedding is like buying a Mercedes in the morning and blowing it up at night.” We know that this one day involves years (or decades) of dreaming, months (or years) of work and planning, and costs a lot of money. So when you choose us as your photographers after your long and careful vendor search, you can rest easy knowing that we will memorialize your big day with precision, artistry, and style. And even when the day is through, you’ll be laughing and crying with friends and family over pictures of that great “explosion” for years to come.

Our Philosophy
Our photographic style is rooted in the belief that the emotions and magic of your day can be found primarily in the candid moments, as well as in portraiture. We have enough experience to know that there’s no such thing as a “conventional wedding,” and we pride ourselves in our ability to get the shots you need and be unobtrusive the rest of the time.

We strive to produce contemporary imagery based on a photojournalistic approach. We are confident in our artistry and ability to take beautiful photographs, but disagree with an over-stylized approach that puts our artistic vision ahead the natural beauty of your day. All of this translates into photography that is at once fresh and timeless - a record of your wedding that you will love on your 30th anniversary as much as you do when you first see it.