Baby William | Long Island Newborn Photographer

A new member of the Cronin family arrived into the world and we had the pleasure of capturing newborn photos in the family's home this past August.  We of course had lots of fun with our dear old friend Charlotte and were instantly smitten her new little brother, William Bradford! It was so sweet to see Charlotte give "Silly Willy" (as she referred to him in the cutest voice ever) lots of kisses and unprompted loving gazes.

It was also hilariously adorable to get a glimpse of the hardships of being a toddler with a new little brother -- Charlotte had a brief, but trying moment of concern that her outfit wasn't "Fancy" enough. (Fancy is a key word in Charlotte's world coming from Fancy Nancy books.) Luckily, minutes later, Charlotte recovered from the spell of "fancy insecurity" and she was putty in Cole's hands for the rest of the portrait session.  

Thanks, Cronins, for another really fun portrait session!