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Jenn + Anthony | Napa, CA

One of our favorite couples ever. Jenn and Anthony had their "backyard" wedding at what the groom affectionately referred to as his "uncle's shack". Surely you can see from the pictures, this was no shack. It was a beautiful estate in a breath-taking Napa Valley setting. The ceremony was genuine & heartfelt and the reception was an absolute blast. These kids know how to have a good time. Kiera and I felt so welcomed, and Jenn and Anthony insisted that we stay and enjoy the party when we were done working. (Of course I had to sneak in a couple shots of the garter toss with the iPhone.) From the warm welcome we received when we arrived, to our goodbyes at the end of the night, this family's humble and down to earth nature made us feel like we were just hanging out at the family "shack". It was great. Such a big thank you to all our hosts.     - Cole