bubbling brook ice cream

Ice Cream with Max: 2 Years Old! | Westwood, MA

We met with Max and his mom at Bubbling Brook Restaurant to do a 2-year old photoshoot disguised as an ice cream date.  Even Cole and I were fooled in the end because Max's mom Suzie bought us some really yummy ice cream, too.  (Thank you, Suzie!)  

We actually have photographed Max once before (back in the fall for their Christmas cards) so he's no beginner at this modeling thing.  Regardless, taking these photos of Max was easy -- he's such a charmer with his big brown eyes, curly red locks, and sweet little grin.  We can't help but love this little guy and the way these photos of him capture such a happy, simple time in life.  

Turning two looks good on you, Max!  

xo, Kiera