Sally + Tim | San Diego, CA

Sally and Tim were married on a gorgeous August day in San Diego. A short backstory - we had the privilege of photographing the bride’s sister, Betty a couple years back, and couldn't be happier that we we got the opportunity to shoot Sally's wedding as well. The ceremony was held at Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala, which is a National Historic Landmark, and California’s very first Mission. As Jim would say: very ’authentico.’

Their fantastic outdoor reception was held at the same location Betty was married – a family friend's home on the water in Point Loma. The bridal party made their grand entrance to the reception by way of yacht. Come on!  How cool does that entrance look from the shore?! I would imagine as the bride and groom, it must be such a wonderful sight to look out and see your friends and family gathered around, smiling and waiving with cameras and iphones in hand, welcoming you to the best party of your life!

The ride in also gave them a chance to soak up that scene from afar, take a deep breath and a sip of champagne before getting the party started.  And this really was one heck of a party — a fun, fashionable & handsome set of guests, fantastic light (can you say golden hour?), the serene harbor setting, fresh & naturally glamorous decor (the twinkly lights, the orchids, and the pretty pops of yellow).

When the sun went down, the energetic band got everyone on their feet. The groom even “serenaded” his bride and guests when he got up on stage to jam out with the band on his harmonica. It was a hit, obviously.

As if all of that wasn’t fabulous enough, they capped the night off by sending wish lanterns into the night sky. We’ve been wanting to see that in person for some time now, and it did not disappoint.