Baby Charlotte Elise | Concord, MA Newborn Photographer

It's "the more, the merrier" in the Stephenson family! (Even though we didn't think they could ever be happier than this day at Walden Pond.) We took photos last week of the family and their newest addition, a beautiful baby girl called Elise. Graham, Elise's big brother, who has previously impressed us with his joyful and exuberant energy, showed us a whole new lovable side during this at home newborn and family portrait session in Concord, MA. When it came time to hold his little sister for a photo, he was so calm and peacefully serious. He made this shockingly natural adjustment with his elbow to hoist her head back up when she started to slip a little. He didn't squirm or even try to be done with the moment. It was beyond sweet -- it was so clear that he's got this wonderful big brother instinct. We really enjoyed getting a chance to photograph not only Elise but the whole family (even their dog, Black Jack) in their home while they were on a little "stay-cation". What's better than having all the bird's in the nest? :)  We're just happy we get to help preserve such a happy time in their life. And yay for pink bassinets and baby summer dresses.