Cronin Family Portrait | Sands Point, NY

During our last visit to New York visiting my parents, we had the pleasure of taking portraits of our good family friends -- Sean, Terry, and their daughter Charlotte.  Charlotte, one and half years old, was a total natural in front of the camera.  She looked like a perfect little doll in her sweet little dress and party shoes.  She powered through over an hour of photography with a little extra help from her grandma, who came by for part of the shoot, and a trusty power snack -- "ca" or crackers.  She had us all smiling and laughing with her many expressions and putting on her Patty-Cake A-game for the camera. The location of the portrait was at the beautiful Sands Point Preserve (a Guggenheim family estate in 1917) on the North Shore of Long Island -- perhaps you might know Sands Point better as "East Egg" a la F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.   We were certainly charmed by this Gold Coast estate -- thanks largely in part to perfect weather, a beautiful & happy family, and the diverse natural backdrops all around us!

Thanks, Cronins, for picking us & such a fantastic spot for your family portraits!