NYE Wedding Photo Booth | Bourne Mansion, Long Island

We (Cole, Jim, and Kiera) spent our New Years Eve in Long Island photographing one of the most exciting weddings we've ever seen. The ceremony and venue were held in two grand locations -- both epic in size and architecturally stunning. The bride was breathtaking. The bride and groom's families were awesome -- loving parents, close-knit siblings and happy, lively relatives. There were lots of of them, too (both come from big Irish families). Plus, they had TONS of friends.

Take that crowd, add an electrifying DJ (really, this guy was incredible), and put them in a mansion on New Year's Eve celebrating a beautiful marriage of a well-loved couple. Let's just say we expected it to be great, but this party blew our expectations out of the water.

We are so excited to share photos from Caitlin and Kevin's New Year's Eve Wedding. You will unfortunately have to wait a little bit longer for that post, but we're working hard to have it ready soon.

However, we're not going to leave you completely high and dry after all that talk. We also put together a photo booth for this NYE wedding. We're so happy with how they came out that we've decided to share a "sneak peak" ASAP!

Here are 13 (in honor of the New Year) of our favorite photo booth clicks.     - Kiera